My extremely short synopsis of the Tullian case is that no one is seeking justice, but  vengence. And that, to me, is awful.

In my views, there is no victim in the case of Tullian. All parties involved are guilty of adultery. All parties were married to someone else. No one forced anyone to have sex with Tulian. He did not, as what is being portrayed, use ANY position of “authority” to have sex with these women.

In my Christian world, pastors do not have any position of authority…UNLESS…unless they are actively counseling a congregant. There is absolutely no power that a clergy has, unless that counseling hat is on. There is no power differential here, just because he is a pastor. There would be, however, if that counseling hat was on, by the statutes of law, and that is only in 13 states, currently.  This is not to be equated with student/teacher, doctor/patient, etc., as some have equated it to be, referencing statutes that they cannot even interpret properly.  Clergy only has power in the capacity of a counselor.

So, it was not against the law as to what Tullian did. But, avoiding adultery is every Christian’s responsibility, not just the pastor.

I can’t blame Calvin’s Reform Theology that these women were somehow weak and vulnerable, and that they had no choice in succoming to Tullians sweet words of seduction that forced each of them to pull down their panties in submission.

If you do extensive research in the case of King David and Bathsheba, the only real reason that they did not face being stoned to death, is because there was absolutely no witnesses. The bible indicates that in order to accuse anyone of any sin (not just adultery), there must be the testimoney of at least 2 or 3 witnesses.

And, that pregnancy would be evidence that adultery would have taken place, in regards to Bathsheba, which is why David had her husband killed.  So, David was indeed guilty of both murder, and adultery.

There is even a law in the Law of Moses regarding the situation that Mary found herself in, being pregnant.  A single girl, pregnant? In Judaism, that does not happen, without death, at least, in the days of a Temple (or “tent of meeting”). If a couple gets married, then finds out that she was not a virgin, she would get stoned, because she played the whore.  Whore is what the Bible states.

Anyway, again, the only reason that Bathsheba and David did not get stoned, was because there was no witnesses to convict them.

David confessed after confronted by Nathan. What was David’s “fruit’s” of repentence? What was Bathsheba’s fruits of repentence? They got married?   What was Bathsheba’s story?

Tullian got divorced. The women involved in adultery got divorced.

The divorce ends it all. And it should remain a closed story at that point. He is remarried now. All of this should remain a closed story for both he and his new wife.  No one should be harrassing Tullian at this point.  No one.

In regards to Tullian being a pastor, that’s not my call, just my opinion. But my opinion is: What did Paul tell Timothy? That should be the ONLY discussion in all this.

There should not be this vindictive vengence and revenge against Tullian that is being done on these various Spiritual Abuse Blogs.

This had absolutely nothing to do with Calvin’s Reform Theology in regards to weak and vulnerable, barefoot and pregnant submissive women.

This is just a simple case of Bible 101 for all parties involved, “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery”. And to say that these women were ignorant of “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery” is insane in basic Christianity.  Tullian knew it, and so did those women.

This is not in any way an equation to the cases of a Jim Jones, scenario or David Koresh.

I do not find this case of Tullian to be any kind of spiritual abuse or clergy sexual abuse, because he had no power to begin with, nor did he use any perceived power.

A very good looking married man seduced and committed adultery on two women, both who were married themselves, so they, too committed adultery. That is not abuse of power. It’s just plain adultery on all parties involved. Coveting, too. Lying, too.

Now, the women (some) wish to come out and “tell their story”? Why? To cover up their own shame for their own sins in order to point fingers at someone else for their own free will decisions to sleep with a married man, in order to tell family and friends, “He made me do it”? Or for vengence/revenge against whom they committed adultery with, because he makes money writing books, while they got the shaft?

No one is seeking justice here, but in my opinion, there is no justice needing to be sought. But they are indeed seeking vengence, for which is totally out of bounds for these women to do, and for the Spiritual Abuse blogs to pursue.

If they are accusing Tullian of rape or molestation, then they need to seek justice thru proper means…the law. By our own Constitution, the accused is allowed to face his accusors in a court of law. But they don’t want to do that. Why? The excuse being used is that “victims” are generally afraid, frightened, scared, blah, blah, blah.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see any victims in this case of Tullian. None whatsoever.

I am not victim blaming, as what I have been accused of doing.  I just simply do not see that there is any existance of victims period.

Now, if people wish to discuss theology, that is a totally different conversation to have, but I can’t blame any of this on theology at all. I look at Bible 101 stuff, and in this case, the conclusion is that…all parties are gulty of adultery, and Tullian did not break any federal or state statutes in any way.

Calvin’s Reformed Theology about grace cannot be blamed here.  Tullian’s belief about grace is not the issue that many want it to be.  His percieved narcicism is not the issue here either.  The accusations of him being a preditor is way out of bounds, as well.

All parties are guilty.  This vengence needs to end now.

I do not equate this case to the cases of Doug Phillips, and others.  It’s not the same.  There is a huge difference.

When a former president of Liberty University was caught lying, a certain blogger would not let it go.  He kept hounding and hounding until something bad happened.

In that case, if I am not mistaken, a son tried to defend his dad.  In this case of Tullian, a son tried to defend his dad.  What happened to the son of the former president of Liberty University?

I feel that spiritual abuse blogs are going down a road that they once did not want to go down.  I see that Tullian is being harrassed, just like the former president of Liberty University was…in the name of so-called “victims”, for which, in the case of Tullian, I see no victims.  What I see is a couple of women claiming to be victims.  But that does not make it so.

Justice, or Vengence?